5 Billion Reasons Sales People Should Watch This

Watch Kevin Harrington tell the story about how he sold 18 of 20 people who had previously rejected him.

When we look at successful entrepreneurs and salesmen it’s easy to assume that they have the magic touch.  That everything they touch turns to gold.

That they’ve never met a prospect or potential client that they couldn’t sell.

AND that they’ve always been that way.

Somehow we subconsciously think they were just born closing sales.

But it’s not true.

Everyone struggles.

Everyone faces obstacles.

Even Kevin Harrington – the founder of the As Seen On TV brand, inventor of the infomercial and the original Shark on TV’s Shark Tank experienced rejection and failure.

In this brand new video, Kevin shares how early in his career he went 0 for 20 in door to door sales.


I guess even a Shark goes hungry sometimes…

Watch him tell the story here:  Kevin Harrington’s Story

But then he shares what he did that allowed him to go back and sell 18/20 of those people by using one simple sales technique!

You’re going to love it!

He says it’s a technique that he went on to use in every single successful infomercial he ever created.

You’re going to love it!  Here’s the link again:  Kevin Harrington’s Story

This video is all about overcoming the obstacles and challenges that you (and everyone who sells) faces at one time or another!

So unless you’re better at selling than Kevin Harrington or Zig Ziglar, you’re going to find some great stuff that you can use immediately in this video!

Check it out here:  Kevin Harrington’s Story


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