DOWNLOAD: Event Profit Roadmap by Lisa Sasevich, the “Queen of Conversion”

Did you know that hosting your own event can blow the doors off your business (in a good way) and help you generate a 5 to 6 figure income … in a matter of days?

An EVENT!? Yes that’s right…

If you’ve never held an event before – No problem.

If you don’t have a suite of programs or trainings? Totally fine.

If you need to take your current events to the next level? You’re in the right place.

Lisa Sasevich, the “Queen of Conversion” just released her Event Profit Roadmap, the EXACT formula she and her clients use to make big money and a big difference from content rich events, workshops, retreats and seminars  – think walking away with 5 to 6 figures and amazing clients that you’re excited to serve!  (It’s a free download!)

In fact, inside she pulls back the curtain on how her clients use live experiences to walk away with …

wait for it…a year’s worth of income in just 3 days!

It’s pretty wild.

Get the Event Profit Roadmap Here: Event Profit Roadmap

Go here to find additional free downloads by Lisa Sasevich:  THE QUEEN OF CONVERSION

About Lisa Sasevich

Lisa SasavichHonored as the 2013 Extraordinary Entrepreneur of the Year by Women Online Magazine, recipient of the coveted eWomen Network Foundation Champion award for her generous fundraising, and ranked on the prestigious Inc. 500/5000 list of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies for last 2 years, Lisa Sasevich “The Queen of Sales Conversion” teaches experts who are making a difference how to get their message out and enjoy massive results, without being salesy.

Recognized as a sales expert by Success Magazine, Lisa delivers high-impact sales-closing strategies for turbo-charging entrepreneurs and small business owners to achieve great profits.

According to best-selling author Brian Tracy, “Lisa Sasevich is one of the greatest discoveries in America today!”

Kym and Sandra Yancey of e-Women Network say that “without question she is brilliant at teaching others how to leverage their unique gifts and qualities and convert them into a financial windfall. She is one authentic, heart-centered expert that delivers in spades!”

Robert Allen, author of multiple New York Times Best Sellers says, “She added a zero to my income today just by watching her. Lisa Sasevich. Watch that name and whatever you do, be part of what she’s doing. You’re going to love it.”

After 25 years of winning Top Sales Awards and training senior executives at companies like Pfizer and Hewlett-Packard, she left corporate America and put her skills to the test as an entrepreneur.

And in just a few short years, Lisa created a multi-million dollar home-based business with two toddlers in tow. Lisa really is the undisputed expert on how to make BIG money doing what you love!

What Others are saying about Lisa Sasevich

Jeff Walker

“Lisa is an absolute master, and whether you’re a beginner or you have a lot of experience, don’t be too cool for school. If it’s a fit for you, if you want to take your message out to the world, especially if you want to speak and you want to get paid to do it, so maybe you can even make a greater impact going forward, I can’t recommend Lisa highly enough.”

Jeff Walker
Product Launch Formula

Robert Allen“I could have earned extra millions with Lisa’s system.”

“”Hi, my name is Robert Allen, author of some New York Times Bestsellers you might have heard of….Creating Wealth, Multiple Streams of Income, The One Minute Millionaire…my books have sold in the millions and I’ve been teaching people how to create multiple streams of income for over 30 years.

One of my favorite streams is exactly what Lisa Sasevich is teaching so brilliantly. I call it Info-Preneuring…being an information entrepreneur. Lisa calls it how to make Big, Fast Money from your expertise without being sales-y. I think I like HER title better.

How can I say this strongly enough? If you want to make BIG, FAST money from your expertise…don’t miss this upcoming teleseminar!!!!!!!”

Robert Allen
Best-Selling Author/ Speaker/ Mentor

Ali Brown“You have to get your hands on Lisa’s work!”

“Lisa Sasevich is the undisputed expert on how to take your message to stages and teleseminars in an authentic way that gets big results. The first time I saw Lisa speak I watched in awe as over half the room rushed to the back tables to buy her packages. Once I learned a few of her tips, I saw an immediate increase in my sales and the quality of client I attracted. If you’re looking to create hunger and desire in your audience and you want them to invest in your programs on-the-spot, you have to get your hands on Lisa’s work!”

Ali Brown
The Entreprenuerial Guru for Women

John Assaraf“Lisa is the hottest ticket in the market…”

“Lisa is the hottest ticket in the market if you want to significantly increase your sales and revenues from the platform and in your business.
She gets smack into the psychology of making the sales by presenting your products or services in a way that puts you in control and your prospects wanting to buy. If anyone buys Lisa’s material, uses it and it doesn’t work better than the traditional methods out there…they must be presenting to a dead prospect!”

John Assaraf
New York Times Best selling Author,The Answer and Having It All.
Featured in The blockbuster movie and book The Secret.
CEO, Praxis Now

LiYana Silver

“I Had a 200% Increase to my Preview Call”

“I applied Lisa’s suggestions from the preview call – and had a 200% increase in registration to my own preview calls.

I usually count on a 30% rate for those who attend my preview calls live, and that jumped to 50%!

I am so appreciative of a step by clear step guide that has people say, “Sign me up!”

LiYana Silver
Redefining Monogamy

Susan Berkley

“I Sold $75,000 in the First Week”

“Just wanted to let you know that I applied lots of the tips you gave me to my very first teleseminar…. It was the preview call for my “Uplevel Your Life Mastery Program.” (Thanks for that title by the way — it rocks!) AND — in the first week — I sold over 100 of them. (That’s about $75,000.) So, thanks, my friend!”

Christine Kane
Uplevel Your Life

Susan Berkley

“I knocked it out of the park!”

“Using Lisa’s preview call as a model and her seeding technique I was able to craft a live, from-the-platform “talk to sell” and closed over 20% of the room… and I was the after lunch speaker on the third day at a 3 day event, a tough slot. I will be doing a 6-Figure Teleseminar in the coming weeks for the launch of my new “Voiceover Step By Step” program. Can’t wait to try your methods there, too. I know how to get tons of people on the call, but closing has never been what it should be on previous teleseminars. Not anymore, thanks to you!!!”

Susan Berkley
Great Voice

Lisa Cherney

“The most critical, business-transforming
techniques I have ever seen!”

“As a marketing expert myself, I was hesitant (and a bit embarrassed) about hiring someone to help me with my sales. Could she really tell me something I hadn’t told my clients thousands of times? The short answer is, “Hell yes!” After nine successful years in business, helping others market their gifts, my eyes were opened to a whole new way of positioning myself and my product that I could never have seen without Lisa’s help. The saying goes, “You don’t know, what you don’t know.” Well, have no fear, because Lisa knows. She is the expert’s expert!”

Lisa Cherney
Conscious Marketing

Ellen Britt

“I was blown away by all the powerful strategies she revealed”

“A few weeks ago, I held a preview call to promote one of my programs and made a disappointing three sales. Then I attended Lisa’s free preview call for her 6-Figure Teleseminar Secrets course and was blown away by all the powerful strategies she revealed. I immediately scheduled another preview call, implemented her techniques and made a whopping $14,000 in additional sales! Thank you, Lisa!”

Ellen Britt
Marketing Qi

David Neagle

“The best I’ve ever seen.”

“I’ve been in the business and in sales for a long time. And what Lisa has put together and what she does to teach people how to sell from the platform is the best I’ve ever seen.”

David Neagle
Just Believe

Ann Convery

“I filled my class beyond my target number!”

“Sending you a big hug and thanks for your 6-Figure Teleseminar Series! I took advantage of everything you taught – from the Preview Call format, the Encore, the Bucket and String, the Forum, and filled my class beyond my target number. The response to the preview call was amazing! And the value I was able to offer people quadrupled with the Forum and Preview Calls. The class was a terrific success and I would never have known these secrets without you. Thanks a million!”

Ann Convery
Speak Your Business

Brian Tracy

“Lisa Sasevich is one of the greatest discoveries in America today!”

“I want to tell you about one of the greatest discoveries in America today, and that’s Lisa Sasevich. She’s got some of the greatest ideas on marketing and sales of your own personal services. I’ve been in this business for 30 years. I’ve read thousands of books and articles, and I’ve written dozens of books myself, and I have NEVER seen such wonderful ideas that she has. I’ve spent hours and hours studying her and looking at her materials and incorporating her ideas into my own work, and it’s like a whole new breath of Spring.”

Brian Tracy
Success Expert


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